Mustafa Kahvecioglu

(Quality & Technical Expert)

Mustafa has a bachelor’s degree from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Metallurgical Engineering Department. He joined ConsulTeam Medical in 2016 with 30 years of experience in production and quality assurance.

During his position in ConsulTeam Medical, he had a chance to transfer his wide experience gained in various sectors to medical device manufacturers via consultancy projects. management system for medical device manufacturers in recent years.

Mustafa, as an expert in design and development of management systems, has tremendous experience in risk management, technical documentation, product and process validation.

He also contributes to the quality management systems of companies with first and second party audits.

In addition to medical devices, Mustafa has been working on many EU directives such as the heating equipment, pressure vessels, machine safety, electrical and electromagnetic safety. He has many years’ experience about the technical requirements of the related harmonized standards.